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Brittany Link MS, RD, LD

I developed an interest in food and nutrition from an early age after battling my own food and eating disorder. I became devoted to helping others overcome the same situation I once faced. So, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Foods from WVU in 2017. I later went on to complete my Masters of Science in nutrition from Keiser University with a combined accredited dietetic internship. After accepting my first job as a Registered Dietitian in WV, I became increasingly aware of the burden felt by my patients struggling with overweight and obesity and the health challenges faced by these patients. As a result, I grew a strong interest in Diabetes management and the prevention of chronic diseases. As a nationally Registered Dietitian, I became frustrated with the amount of inaccurate and unreliable information available to patients. My goal is to provide evidence-based care and help patients grow a more positive image of food, nutrition, and, most importantly, THEMSELVES.

My Goals are Based on My Beliefs of:

  • Evidence-Based Practice and Research

  • Flexibility and Balance 

  • Progress NOT Perfection

  • Individualized Care

  • Growing Positive Relationships with Food and Body Image

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